Dark circles / lines under eyes?

I usually get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. So I don't have them because of a lack of sleep.

What do you guys suggest?


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  • You probably inherited them. Congrats. Unfortunately, I have them too.
    You can try taking iron supplements and drinking more water to minimize them. Massaging the area can also help because it increases the blood circulation.


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  • Old actor's and model's make-up trick: A haemorrhoid ointment such as Rectinol applied sparingly to dark areas under the eyes should make the dark circles disappear. It causes the blood vessels to constrict. The darkness is either a profusion of blood vessels, or a normal number of blood vessels that are dilated.


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  • Iron deficiency.

    • I don't know. I take vitamins

    • Dietary Sources of Iron
      Food Sources of Iron ranked by milligrams of iron per standard amount; also calories in the standard amount. (All amounts listed provide 10% or more of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for teenage and adult females, which is 18 mg/day.)
      Food, Standard Amount Iron (mg) Calories
      Clams, canned, drained, 3 oz 23.8 126
      *Fortified dry cereals (various), about 1 oz 1.8 to 21.1 54 to 127
      Cooked oysters, cooked, 3 oz 10.2 116
      Organ meats (liver, giblets), cooked, 3 oza 5.2 to 9.9 134 to 235
      *Fortified instant cooked cereals (various), 1 packet 4.9 to 8.1 Varies
      *Soybeans, mature, cooked, ½ cup 4.4 149
      *Pumpkin and squash seed kernels, roasted, 1 oz 4.2 148
      *White beans, canned, ½ cup 3.9 153
      *Blackstrap molasses, 1 Tbsp 3.5 47
      *Lentils, cooked, ½ cup 3.3 115
      *Spinach, cooked from fresh, ½ cup 3.2 21

  • it might be due to hereditary factor

  • get a blood test, especially ask for iron, ferritine and B12 levels

    • Also dehydration can cause this. Drink a lot of water.
      Sleep with your head elevated

    • It can be hereditary to. I have some blueish hue under my eyes since I was a child.

      Also check your diet, include plenty of vegetables and fruits, lay off the sodium.

  • Sounds pretty bizarre but i like it when guys have bags under their eyes... Hahah yeah it's weird

    • I added a picture.

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    • I was just curious was all. Thanks

    • Im so sorry if it came off rude. Really didn't mean to.

  • i have them too
    my dad has them
    so does my mom

    • you could try exfoliating them
      but first steam your face to open up them pores

      it doesn't work for me though

  • I kinda wanna poke your eye._.

  • I used to get bags under my eyes when I was doing cocaine and meth with my ex ita still there :(


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  • pics? doesn't have to be you, can be some example on the internet.

    Dark shadows under the eyes.
    Too much sugar?
    Inertia, depression, fear?
    How much energy do you have? What's your other symptoms?

    • also, what's your sexual energy like? How easy are you stimulated? Back aches?

    • I added a pic

    • yes, and I asked you a bunch of questions. It doesn't seem that bad. I saw someone presumably drug addled the other day, with what looked like huge swollen black bruises under his eyes, totally spaced out. It creeped me the fuck out.

  • It could be from bad nutrition or it could be because you're pale if you are.

    • I don't think its either of those. I eat really healthy and I'm tan. Are the circles hereditary?

    • it can be hereditary

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