What kind of panties do you like with your skirt?

I like any panties except g-strings and thongs because they look slutty with any kind of skirt no offense to any girls I'm sorry if I sound rude. But anyway I especially like briefs so what's your opinion gals?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I only wear a thong if it's a tight skirt.

    Do you like thongs in general?

    • Not really. I'm more of a briefs in general.

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  • I just put some underwear on no matter what I'm wearing, and it's usually a thong. Plus, how would you know what kind of underwear a girl is wearing under her skirt? I think the length of the skirt is a better indicator of slutty mess than the underwear worn under it.

  • Depends. Tight fitting skirts, I will wear a g-string because of underwear lines. Loose fitting skirts I would wear cheekies just in case my skirt were to fly up!

  • Boy shorts all the way if I'm wearing a mini-skirts and flare/skater skirt, comfort and coverage. There is really no other way for me. Pencils, maxi skirts it be really any type of underwear.

  • i wear nothing but thongs and gstrings with all my clothes. skirts are no exception.

    they are just more comfortable to me

  • I would say briefs or boy shorts. I like a little coverage when wearing a skirt cause well it's a skirt.


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