How long is too long when it comes to overcoats/ trench coats? Does this one seem ok?

I got a new overcoat today that was previously owned my my grandfather. I like the color and the pattern, but I'm curious as to whether or not it is two long.

The coat is navy blue tweed, with a subtle checkered pattern, has three buttons, and goes down to mid-calve.

I wear suits, sport coats, shirt, tie, etc on almost a daily basis. I would only wear it with such clothes and in the late fall/ winter.

Thus, is this coat too long, and is it in style.
  • Not too long, and is in style.
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  • Not too long, and is out of style
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  • Is too long, and ( color/ pattern ) is in style
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  • Please don't conform to what is "in style". That coat sounds awesome! I wish I had one like that, especially since it is legitimately old. The length sounds perfect, and it doesn't matter if the coat is " in style" . Its more attractive to where a unique coat vs the one every other guy has.


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  • I think it's a bit too long, shouldn't go past the knees in my opinion. But the color and pattern seem nice; you could always get it shortened:)

  • sounds about right. It would be easier to tell with a picture but it sounds okay.

  • You want your coat to end anywhere from mid thigh to just below your knee. Otherwise it the coat seems fine. Maybe you can get it tailored?


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