Brazilian waxing? Do it yourself or go to a professional? Does anyone get turned on by the process or does the pain overwhelm the pleasure?

I didn't enjoy it so much at the time, but the idea of a stranger woman stroking me and waxing me and dealing with my pain later really worked on my mind. Anyone else react strong to waxing?


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  • I go to the "wax lady"
    My vagina is too important to me and I wouldn't like to burn it by saving me $100
    Plus the girl removes the hair in between the lips too. And I'm not that flexible, I definitely couldn't do that myself.

    Yes it's kinda awkward because the little thing she uses to apply the warm wax feels like someone is going down on me. It's so smooth and warm. But then she pulls so hard and I feel like I'm gonna die. So the pleasure lasts about 5 seconds and then it's just pain.

    • Isn't it a bit awkward, and uncomfortable, being so exposed to someone, toughing you so intimately? How do you do it? You mention a 'pleasure'. . .
      Who would want a job, doing this? Not judging, just not understanding!

    • @someguy37
      For me is not awkward. And I doubt that someone that would find that awkward would go to a professional to get waxed.

      Also they make a lot of money! $100 per person assuming they tip good (like me)
      It's not a nasty job since women that go to get waxed are clean.

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  • In the past I always went to professional. It would b better to go to them

    • I dont enjoy the pain

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    • I dont masturbate
      yes I did feel sexier

    • did your boyfriend comment or did it encourage him to lick or finger you?

  • I shave so I wouldn't know

    • After the shave are you at all aroused and curious?

    • No I'm happy that I'm hairless again :)

    • I would go with shaving, too!! How embarrassing to be so exposed to a stranger, touching your most intimate places!!

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