My boyfriend claims he doesn't like make up but it seems like he does?

I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year and half now and we've been friends for three years.
I don't wear make up at all usually and he's always told me that he doesn't like make up.

Yesterday I wore make up for the first time around him. Nothing heavy just some blue/gray shiny eyeshadow, aqua blue eyeliner, clear mascara, and pink lip gloss.

He noticed it right away and asked what the occasion was and I just said a girl friend recommended it.

He kept randomly kissing me, long deep kisses. He also told me three times during the day that I looked good/nice/beautiful and the only reason I can think of is the make up. I had on a typical outfit and my usual perfume.

Do you think he actually likes make up more than he's letting on?


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  • I think some guys don't like the idea of their girl wearing makeup because if she doesn't wear any then she is "naturally" beautiful. Then the day come when she does put a little on and they see how her looks have been enhanced and highlighted, she becomes even more attractive, or "hot" which is all good!


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  • guys always say this to girls who don't wear makeup. yes, the makeup makes you look better but he is trying to be a good bf and compliment you by saying he doesn't like makeup bc you don't usually wear it. your girlfriend gave you some god advice.


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  • I dont wear make up a lot and get that 2! i think its was a nice change and he like it a lot but i think he was just really suppressed to see you with it.

  • It's either that he liked it's subtleties or he misjudged how a bit of makeup would look on you. Guys don't realise that makeup, when applied correctly looks great - having seen too much of the wrong makeup beforehand.

  • He just liked how you looked different, so he had the chance to make out with "someone else" my BF always gets horny when I've dyed my hiar :P


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