Which type is better? Yes I know we all have different tastes?

Two girls. Which do you prefer?

Girl A: She showers daily, brushes her teeth and shaves. Does not wear any make up at all, doesn't paint her nails and does nothing with her hair other than comb it. She is normal weight and wears glasses. Looks kinda plain. Jeans and long sleeve shirts or opened shirts.

Girl B: Showers daily, brushes her teeth and shaves. Does wear make up daily (sorta looks kinda "fake" as in her foundation makes her skin looks sorta ghostly) but has painted nails and is normal weight and wear glasses. Likes changing her hair and fixing it/straightening etc. Wears cute skirts and tops.

Difference is Girl A is 100% natural while Girl B has some additions. But still same girl. Lets not include personality as we are only talking about physical appearance.
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  • I didn't really read much past, 'No makeup' for girl A before i selected her as my ideal choice.

    Needing to wear makeup makes you really spiritually ugly in my eyes and I'm all about your spirit when I'm looking for a lady. The bottom line is that makeup shows not only a complete lack of confidence in yourself and your ability to naturally take care of yourself, but also your lack of knowledge - if you only knew the amount of crazy stuff that's within make-ups, chemical wise. It's crazy.

    • Okay well see there is a negative side to Girl A. Because I am her.

      People mistake me for a lesbian/teacher/nerd because of my plain look so don't think its all naturally good

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    • For you, anytime.

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  • I think girl B because its okay to fix yourself up a bit and wear cute clothes shows you have good enough confident, and girls should be feminin and its nice to show off your girlyness without being a skank, and i love skirst and glasses :)

    • dont uh okay just because its not an awnser you wanted to hear :) trust me wearing no makeup is totally fine, i dont wear a lot of makeup, but the whole polishing your nails etc is okay, you can still dress nice and cute and wear no makeup, try it one day :)

    • No I don't mind your answer. I wasn't expecting a specific opinion

  • people will say girl a but be more likely to notice girl b

    • That's what I think

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    • I get what you're saying though. People can change what they look like so much by wearing makeup and can actually look like a whole different person and it can be pretty misleading

  • Both looks mean little to me, im close to being A thow.

  • I find it kinda disappointing that people always say "no makeup" and then always go for the girls with makeup :/

    I chose neither is better. They just sound like different girls. I personally don't wear makeup cuz I am an animal lover, and I hate how most cosmetics test on animals. I'm also an eco-nut, and don't care much for the harmful chemicals and dyes. I'm not girly at all, I'm more of a tomboy, I don't care if I look androgynous. And I'm lazy as fuck, I can't imagine having to reapply AND remove it everyday.

    • Not true, I always prefer girls with no makeup ;)

    • @Zoranq not always true. But for the most part, guys tend to notice and go for the makeup queens. I guess I don't blame them, they do look more "feminine" and "put together" or like they care about their appearance.

    • @BuchitaBuchys Yeah, I guess you're right, but I'm not into that so called "feminine" look. I kinda love more assertive girls, who like to be in charge. To clarify - I don't like androgynous women (who wear suits and ties & short haircut), but I like girls who prefer wearing sporty, military and casual outfits.

  • I'd go with A, I don't wear make up myself

  • I think most people in real life notice the girl B rather than the girl A.

  • Nothing wrong with wanting to change up your style sometimes. Bare-faced is cool, make up is cool. As long as it's not extreme over the tops. But either or is alright.

    • Oh I know. I was just wondering which people prefered.

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    • true dat.

  • girl b would look better because she takes the time to improve her looks and work on her beauty. plain girls may as well be wallpaper because they tend to just fade into the background most of the time

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    • sexual market value decreasing my ass. that doesn't apply to me. I am not white and don't even look my age. I will still be sexually attractive to most men until my mid 30s. and after that, I will still be sexually attractive to men in my age group. so that neg hit you were trying to do didn't really work. thanks for playing though. and yes this girl should wear makeup. plain girls don't get as many boys as girls who look after their appearances do. we aren't on little house on a prairie, she should be wearing a light application of makeup and styling herself to attract the best quality and highest quantity of men

    • We all have different tastes so stop fighting.

      The guy I know, likes me bare, if I wear any make up, he complains. And I know how to wear make up.

      BUT I know guys who will only date girls with make up.

      So both of you need to just stop fighting.

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