Whats ur opinion on cashmere sweater from an average company (polo ralph lauren type. 400 ish) vs cotton or wool or merino or other non cashmere?

sweater from an expensive company (like black or purple label ralph lauren). thanks!


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  • Cashmere sweaters from "average" companies are okay but they don't compare to the cashmere sweaters from more expensive companies that are woven with thicker gauge and are made in say, italy.

    Non-cashmere sweaters from "average" companies are pretty good though.

    • well i'm strictly looking at polo vs black and purple label ralph lauren. polo cashmere is 400. u think i'm better off with spending 400 on a non cashmere sweater from the higher quality brands? i dont like non cashmere at polo. they have the logos.

    • You can go cheaper on non-cashmere. Cashmere is a good investment but it's hard finding quality. Good cashmere should easily snap back when you pull on it.

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  • 400 is not a basic cashmere.

    Anyway cashmere is very nice. At 400 you're paying for more then the fact it's cashmere.

    Merino is a type of wool. Not the only good wool.

    Cotton is fundamentally less warm and handles moisture worse than wool.

    • well i'm wondering am i better off for the same price with a cashmere from polo or wool/cotton/merino etc from a higher label like black and purple label. and so ur saying 400 for cashmere is a lot?

    • I'd go with the fabric you're looking for in the sweater over brand. But that doesn't mean nothing but cashmere. On a cool summer evening you want cotton. On a bitterly old winter say I want a heavy wool. Cashmere is soft and fairly warm. It's nice.

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  • Skip Polo Ralph Lauren--honestly, anything that has any kind of company logo or insignia just looks a bit trashy, in my opinion.

    As for the benefits of cashmere/merino wool/cotton, it depends upon how breathable and/or warm you want the fabric to be. Typically, it's worth spending the extra money on a higher quality fabric, regardless if it's cotton or wool. Typically, I prefer Pima Cotton for where I live.

  • "average companies like ralph lauren"

    *cough* rich kid *cough*

    • polo is average i meant not black or purple label. polos usually super cheap bc of outlets. and u make it sound being rich is bad. would u be inherently against a rich guy like would u not date guys that seem or are rich?

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    • you're in Europe i guess? they're a lot cheaper in the us. like 30 -50 dollars for a sweater at outlets or super sale.

    • Oh if you're talking the outlet price I guess that's different

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