What do guys think of girls with very short hair?

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My hair used to be 18 inches long, then I cut it. I totally regret, but it's too late. My hair is now about 1 1/2 inches long, so it's pretty short. What do guys think when they see a girl with hair this short? I have a fairly feminine face with a shape kind of like Liv Tyler's, but not as long. My hair is dark like hers too and I am half Caucasian and half Asian. When my hair was super long, guys used to actually look at me--but not anymore. Kind of makes me sad and even more regretful. Anyway, what do you guys think? (I know it's hard to tell without pictures. Sorry!)
Follow-up question: What's the shortest hair that you like?


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  • I prefer girls with shorter hair. I have always liked short hair better. Never really thought about the shortest. But as long as its neat then I don't mind how short it is.

    • Well, that is refreshing. I've always heard how guys like long hair. :)

    • Yea most guys like long hair better but its still some guys out there like me who like short hair better.

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  • I have somewhat of short hair and idgaf what people think :)

    • Good for you! It's often very difficult to have that sort of attitude. :)
      But your hair is extremely long compared to mine. He he

  • I love short hair on a girl. Long hair is so conventional and can be a bit plain. Short hair shows confidence and a rebellious spirit against social standards. It's like making a statement simply with a hair style.
    Your hair will take a while to grow out so just accept the length and make the best of it. Play around with it and find a cute style!

    • hellotherepeople: Yes, I noticed that women seem to appreciate and admire adventurous hair styles and fashion statements. I did feel a bit ordinary when I had long hair, which was the main reason I cut it.
      Thanks for your comment. :)

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