First hardcore show outfit?

Help me choose an outfit for my first hardcore show. Hardcore guys seem to go for girly chicks but help?
  • black skirt, crop top w/ cat, & black high top converse
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  • black skirt, you can't sit with us crop top, leather jacket, doc martens
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  • red doc martens, black skinny jeans, red tank top
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  • dress and converse
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  • Is this a p*rn show? Or are you just stripping? Skinny jeans don't come off easily, so perhaps one of the first two options.

    • hardcore is a genre of music

    • Really? Weird... why the hell would someone name a genre of music something so generic. Having checked wikipedia, apparently three different genres of music go by that term: punk, techno, and hip hop. Bizarre.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sure than I can be of some help here. Since I listen to a ton of 'hardcore' bands and attend a few concerts, I'd say wear feminine black clothes. I wouldn't say that most guys that like 'hardcore' music are into 'girly' gals, but rather ones that wear dark versions of regular clothes (an example being an off the shoulder black shirt + skirt & Doc martens).
    'Shortish skater type skirts can 'accidentally' get flipped in a mosh pit or a dancing crowd (my friends know from experience). Jeans would certainly save you from getting scraped or scratched (another common mosh pit occurrence next to bruises)
    So it depends if mosh pits do occur, but you can't go wrong with jeans, docs, a crop top or tank top with an overshirt or cardigan on top.


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  • I dunno, but don't wear big earrings. I wore my 3/4 inch vintage red rose earrings to a Gaslight Anthem show and their opener was Against Me! and I almost had one of my earrings knocked out. (I hate hardcore, lol)

    • It totally isn't for everyone (80s Hardcore or Post-Hardcore - which most people assume to be hardcore) but 'sensible clothing' is certainly advised.

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