Which kind of panties are the sexiest feeling to wear? Which are the sexiest to look at?

Hotinis have their merits, but VS silky style bikini style also have their merits. Boy cut can be exciting when home alone.


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  • For me I love the boyshort. It also depends on the shape and figure she has. Some bums looks sexier in regular bikini/briefs or hipsters due their natural shape. I love it when my wife wears satin, silk, spandex, microfibre or nylon mix type of materials due their smooth and slippery type of feel. I love how my hand just glides across her bum. Very sexy to be kissing and I slide my hand down her pants to feel her bum and my hand glides across those sexy materials. I'm not much for thongs. I don't like lacy, sheer or anything that could catch a fingernail.


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  • I'm a thong wearer a lot of the time but boy shorts are the best when it comes to lounging around at home.


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  • I live in silky midis

    • Silky feels so great on my girl parts!

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