In high school, do most girls go for guys with nicer bodies?

Or is it like more popular girls go for the guys with nicer bodies, etc? Thanks :)


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  • honestly, yes.

    popular girls will try to stay in their circle

    and go with popular guys [ most have nice bodies ironically ].

    but that doesn't mean there aren't decent girls out there who go for guys they actually like.

    you can spot the fakes if you try.

    • So what you mean by the fakes are the popular girls who don't always go for the guys with nice bodies?

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    • So then if a popular girl does ever show an average guy interest, she is most likely just flirting with him and nothing more.

    • Like I said

      i can't speak on their behalf.

      it wouldn't be impossible for her to flirt with the average joe

      n& actually mean it

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  • if a guy has a hot body, girls will notice. most just gawk and don't actually act upon it. a lot of times, when guys and girls just meet randomly and actually talk, girls will build an attraction to them. personality ultimately overrides a hot body(at least in my case). honestly, don't worry about it. if you look like you take care of yourself and have a great personality, girls will notice:)

  • It all varies.

    this might sounds shallow, but I like the guy to have nice arms :) Don't really care about the rest but its nice if he likes taking care of himself. and if theyre blonde :)

  • I guess it varies from girl to girl but for me personally, having a nice body doesn't matter as much. I don't expect it out of all guys but it is nice. So don't worry about it too much. I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there that are attracted to whatever body type you are.

  • I guess, but I was told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Back when I was in high school, I had a thing for skater boys. lol. Then I outgrew that phase. Now I'm into the personality more than how they look.

    of course it doesn't hurt to have a nice muscular body but all I really want (if I'm looking but I'm not right now, I'm happy being single), is someone who loves me and will be commited to me and vice versa.

    hope I helped!

  • yes they do this is how it happens

    1st you need to have a nice body to get her intrested to even talk to you

    2nd once she talks to you be sweet nn funny and nice no perv or like cussing

    that will make her intrested in you as in wanting a relationship

    but you need to show her that ur mature not a jerk nn show her you have some intrest to or

    she'll forget bout you

    • Well forget that, I'm good looking but skinny. But I started a workout plan and eating increase of protein, etc.

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  • So basically, all the girls who are in high school are horny whores, just like guys.

    I guess this is why house party is sooo much fun

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