Should I just start looking after myself now?

I mean I'm a nice guy. I'm the guy always looking out for people. When I'm with my friends I always make sure everyone's there and try to think of everyone that can come and to call them, but when it comes to me pretty much no one calls me to hang out or do anything. I mean some people do call me but I would like it just as much as I do to others. Wherever my friends and I go I almost all the time say where's (friends name) and then they probably say I don't know and I say let me call them and see if they wanna come along. When I hang out with my friends I'm not like a d*ck of anything like I'm pretty much always spotting people.

Maybe I'm just not invited all the other times?

Why is it when I'm with my friends I always say lets call up (friends name) and see what they're up to but when I'm not there I don't get a call.

Is it because I care a lot more then them?

Like I care about them more then they care about me?


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  • It sounds like it's time to find new friends.


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  • You're obviously the nicer guy. Maybe they're to lazy or something, or they just don't bother calling people. Is it possible though, that you ARE always there? Maybe they don't go out without you..? Anyways, if it were me, I'd always invite you. [As long as it's not a girls night. ;) ]


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  • Maybe they do want to call you and invite you, but are worried that when you come, you'll invite someone else that they didn't want to come?