How do you take a selfie?

I need my Snapchat game to get up there and to do that I need to work on my selfies, which suck. Any advice or tips such as natural lighting?

P. S.: I'm black making it even more harder to smile and take a picture, in addition to being a guy.


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  • Hold the phone/camera in front of you extend your arm as much as you can. Get great lighting to show your face as much as you can, light can make you look different too. Angle it as you please, in front, up top, slightly forward, up and out to your right or left or whatever way. It isn't a difficult thing to do really.

    • I managed to take one acceptable picture with your advice, thanks. :)

    • You're welcome :D You'll get the hang of it, don't get obsessed tough! lol

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  • lighting, lighting, lighting, :

    • btw, try playing with angles. Shooting yourself with the camera higher than your eyeline will make you look thinner and vice versa.

    • Thanks for the advice, I haven't read the "how to" yet. But I will soon, and I'm sure it'll be good.

  • How does being black make it harder to smile? Lol?
    Anyways, Idk.
    I suck at taking selfies even though I used to be good at it when I was like 14.


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