Who have got curly hair? Ladies?

I have curly hair and i have to wash my hair every day. What can i do my hair to avoid confusion?


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  • First I put conditioner in it under the shower and comb it then I air dry it and comb it again with a stay in conditioner


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  • I have a curly and I always straighten it. I don't recommend you to wash it everyday, people who have curly hair tend to have dryer hair, and by washing it everyday, you're losing all the natural oils that keeps the hair hydrated.
    Don't wash it everyday.
    Use a conditioner for curly hair.
    Use oil treatments.
    Get a Keratin treatment.

    And there are a lot of other things you can do to have healthy and beautiful hair.

  • If I straighten my hair every night it helps so in the morning I don't look like a ball of hair.


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