How do guys always say, "I want a girl with no stretch marks & perfect body"?

So, guys are always saying that they want the "Tan, perfect bodied, non stretched marked, flawless skin, 5'6'' " girl. But then, they always end up with the opposite of that. So, what gives? To be frank, I have stretch marks, and I'm not perfect. I'm 5' and I have stretch marks on the inside of my legs. and it makes me mad because I can't wear bathing suit with out shorts, and I can't wear my dance shorts to dance... so, anyways, what gives?


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  • We're not picky. I'd use the word easy... hell, we're easy. You'll hear the word "doable" floated around as you get older. The fact is that if a girl can, in some way, remotely turn a guy on... he's interested. Sure, the hotter the girl the more interested we are... but you don't have to be super hot to get a guy excited.


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  • I think we all have ideals, but it doesn't mean the girl/guy should be like that. It's more of preferably but not necessary :)