How can I stop my lipstick from smudging?

Does anyone have any tips? After like 3 or 4 hours my lipstick always ends up being like around my lips i don't know how. Re-doing it is annoying so does anyone know how to avoid smudging in the first place?


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  • Hi, lexih... If it is a darker shade, I believe from experience with darker colors at one point in my life, that you will have a small problem. However, try putting it on, buy a lip liner brush that can smooth It out nicely... Blot the lipstick First though before you do anything. Try this. Of course you need to retouch after eating or drinking.
    I use MYSTERY Only, from JORDANA lipsticks... it is the closest thing to my LoReal Ginger that I can no longer get. This beautiful soft color is the only one I use out of the millions on the market. Go into my profile and you will see it. Natural, no smear, dear, and just nice and a little naughty.
    Good luck. xx

    • It could be then, for I saw your answer of lip liner, use a lighter color.. I never have a problem, just put it on...

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    • anytime :)

    • :)) xxoo

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  • It is weird that I'm answering this but I think there are some "good" lipsticks like max factor or something like that. I keep seeing it a lot.


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  • I have a solution. Use a concealer or foundation on the area of your lips (yes, I am not joking I have done it before) , then use a lip liner and THEN a lipstick. Hopefully, this will help.

  • use lip liner around the outer edges of your lips, creates boundaries
    use a better lipstick brand. i think revlon has a color-stay line.

    • The lip liner is what causes the smudging and i do use revlon, not that one though i'll give it a try. thanks for answering :)

    • :o really? mine doesn't do that... :x i use chanel.
      hope the new lipstick helps!! :)

    • thank you! yeah, that's what annoys me, i've tried all the tricks i know but it still smudges.

  • Benefits' lipstick/tint doesn't smudge :)

    • i have the lip tint. it's a beautiful color but for some reason most of just goes to like the outsides of my lips and makes it look like i'm wearing two colors haha. anything makeup lip related really hates me

    • Put inner side of upper lips and do muah lol

      Thats how apply the lip tint appropriately :) (i've learned it from the makeup artist 😝)

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