How do you feel about corset training?

My body is practically rectangular but my... assets... are quite alright (supple) for my small size (I'm 5ft). I can't resolve the height issue, but I'm thinking I can get a sexier waist this way. For some reason my waist is just very undefined and makes me feel boyish. It seems risky and slightly taboo, though, so it's just a thought for now. It wouldn't be too much, just maybe 2 inches off. I'm already skinny, too, 90lbs, so it's not a weight issue.

It'd be even better if anyone here has experience with it.

Question is for men and women alike.


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  • women who are 5' flat in height should be between 100-and 130 lbs. you don't need to "morph your body", you need to gain weight...the proper way to gain weight though is through a bit of muscle, not totally muscular but if 90lbs is already of body weight, you need some muscle too, that should fill you out.

    corsets, are used mainly for bed, as its more of a sex thing, but like michelle said, it can be used with business suits for the work place on occasion, depends on how you wear it...

    hope this helps

    • But won't the weight distribute itself to my waist as well, still keeping the rectangular shape I don't want?

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    • Of course, you don't want to develop the wrong kind of fat

      dont be like chyna (joanie laurer) and gain all this muscle, but no, eating just makes it the "wrong kind of fat" can eat, but just work out as you do, your body will thank you for it

    • BTW, corsets, are hot

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  • Ok well first, I think corsets are pretty hot, but I don't think you should be using them to morph your body. I think I saw a special or somthing on how its not good for your interanal organs or somthing. I dunno, look into that maybe.

    Second, gain some weight! If you are 18-24 and wiegh 90lbs I am pretty sure that's not healthy!

    • Again, I'm 5ft tall and it's maybe only a few lbs underweight (4'11 and 3/4 to be exact). thx for the concern though.

  • Just play it coo.


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  • corset training requires that you bend your ribs and wear a corset 24/7 for quite a few months. I've tried corset training and I couldn't get past 2 days, it get unbearable very quickly.

  • I love corsets,they epitomize the look of classic sexuality.They're also good for a fashion sttaement if going out clubbing.Some are worn strictly in the bedroom,but others can double as a camisole or worn under a blazer,with a sexy skirt.The downside is that some can get very expensive,especially if they are custom made for you.If you'd like,I can provide some rescources for you.

  • I think its dangerous because in order to shrink your waist your stomach etc... Has to be moved and I've heard there is problems with having babies since evenerything is moved to diff places

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