Guys, what are some hairstyles and outfits you like on girls that you would date, not just hook up with?

Professional or cute summer dresses etc. A messy bun or long and straight etc?


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  • You're barking up the wrong tree. It's a good personality that will keep me around. You can be dressed to nines and still be an unlikable person.

    That said, dress to the nines ;)

    • I understand aahha but is there something particular that the girl you like wears or styles her hair that you just love on her?

    • As I tell guys, dress for the kind of person you want to attract. A guy in a suit probably isn't the kind of a guy a girl in goth clothing is going to go for, right?

      So, with my background, I'm drawn more to professional girls, so professional dress, very stylish dresses--basically, a tailored look with a lot of attention to detail. Does the color flatter her skin tone, does it bring out her eyes? Does her jewelry match her skin's undertone? Does everything combined bring attention to her face?

      I prefer simple, but elegant hair styles, typically with a longer length. If she wants a complex hairstyle with a bunch of braiding or whatever other fanciness you ladies do, as long as it remains elegant, I'm happy. ;)

  • I'm not much of a fashion person, so forgive my crude attempt at answering your question, But simply put nothing to busty, outfits that look reasonably respectable or even just casual.

    Both professional and cute summer dresses will work (you seem to have the right idea) though which one of those you use will depend on what kind of guys you want. Outfits that show off curves are great and a bit of skin is okay but its better to leave it to the guys imagination, if want a date not a hook up. Personally I'd say go more for the professional look.

    As for hair styles its not really a big deal as long as looks okay, there isn't really any differentiating feature about hair style that would make guys want to hook up with one girl not another, other than if that particular hair style happens to be their type.


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