Single guys, your opinions please? (:

Let's say you are interested in a girl, or at least attracted to her, you know you keep looking at her whenever you see her, but for some reason can't seem to hold her eye contact when you are up close. and you've tried helping her with things. But you guys aren't exactly friends and you don't really talk. She usually initiates the conversation and she finds that for some reason you're quiet and subdued, though you are outgoing. And you can't seem to break off eye contact with her when you guys talk.

So, let's say you haven't seen this girl exactly staring at you or anything, she always seem to be focusing on something else or busy. But recently, she's trying to talk to you and is more friendly.

Would you still be interested in her? Would you see it as her showing interest and feel encouraged Or would you be scared off?


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  • I'd see it as her showing interested and I'd feel encouraged!

    Sounds like this guy is either really shy around you, or he's got something else going on that makes him unsure what to do with you, or both. Maybe he has a gf, or he's not looking for a relationship because he's moving soon, or he has some kind of personal issues, or whatever... or maybe he's just worried that he'll embarrass himself if he asks you out. You can never really tell these sort of things just by eye contact.

    If he is just being shy, then you're helping him deal with his shyness by talking to him and acting interested. If it's something else, the only way to find out is by talking to him. I'd say keep it up, just try to keep being flirty in a casual way and don't take anything too seriously yet :)

    • Hmm. from what I know he's single and doesn't have a girlfriend (at least not in college), we aren't from the states so he isn't moving anywhere ;) but what I do know is that he has a lot on his plate in college (2 degress, involved in quite some stuff) and my girlfriend says he seems like he hasn't got time for a girl in his life... anyway, still don't really understand why outgoing guys would suddenly go all shy ard someone, its not like I'm dropdead gorgeous =/ thx! (:

  • I'd see it as a sign of interest in me. If someone I know for a longer period of time recently started to talk to me way more than she usually did I'd certainly ask questions to myself.

    Especially if I would like that girl myself. But I myself am not too shy, to me it's just that you need to break the ice. Once the ice is torn apart I'm such a wide spread ocean :P And just like the big sea with me it's a coming and going. On some days I initiate all the talk, on others I wait and let her start it, just to see if she's still interested in me or is just being nice talking back at me.

    • Interesting. so ur not constant all the time? ha. thanks!

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