Girls: do you like pointed acrylic nails?

I'm looking at acrylic nails online for new inspirations :P and I saw a style I liked.
It's not almond shaped it's more refined and pointed. Is this a nice choice or not? I wish I could post a photo but the site doesn't let me :(

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  • Make sure you don't injure yourself with them. I don't wear them, holds too much bacteria

    • I always clean underneath them :) that's why I continue to maintain them

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  • I wear what I like and yes, I do like them. They are very "tumblr girl" if you know what I mean. I think they are quite expressive as well.

    • Yeah I saw it on tumblr :) and I loved it

  • I lovvee acrylic nails especially if they're flashy and glamorous personally I can't handle them I pick at them but yeah go for it

  • I'm not a fan of acrylic nails but they do look good as long as they're not too long