Am I the only one who looks terrible without shaving? it is Movember and all, but I look terrible, haha?

So I just looked in the mirror and realized that not shaving makes me look extremely silly and unappealing. The moment I get home and get the opportunity, I will desecrate Movember for the greater good.

Does anyone else share my sentiments?
  • Yeah if I don't shave, I look terrible, so I shave even during Movember..
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  • Yeah if I don't shave, I look terrible, but I go along with Movember either way.
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  • No, if I don't shave, I still look awesome. so I am going with Movember.
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  • No, if I don't shave, I still look awesome, but I am shaving during Movember anyways.
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  • I don't grow hair on my face. You lucky person.
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I have shaven my face and now I look like a human being again. Rejoice!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes! My beard is coming in so uneven and for some reason red in spots. I'm still gonna give it the entire month though 😉


Most Helpful Guy

  • I honestly think I look much better with a short beard. I am in the process of re-growing as we speak.

    I haven't seen your pic though?

    • Yeah luckily it wasn't visible on the selfie due to the lighting, but then I took a look in the mirror, lol. You just have to take my word for granted on this one, it does look bad :p

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    • Found it. :-) You can kinda see it there, but yeah the lighting sorta washes it out. Doesn't look bad at all from what I can tell, but then again I'm not your target audience anyway. LOL

    • Well, thanks I guess, but it really doesn't look appealing in my opinion, so no Movember for me xD

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What Girls Said 2

  • No most guys do. Facial hair doesn't look good on everyone and especially younger guys often look pathetic without shaving

  • If I don't shave, it won't make a difference, as long as I wear leggings & long sleeves.


What Guys Said 3

  • My facial hair also looks quite bad if I don't shave. I go with Movember anyway, since it's not as if anybody really cares what I look like.

    • Fair enough, although after a while I just get bothered by the facial hair on my face because it looks silly - it's not even for others, it's for me XD

  • You don't look terrible, the mirror's lying to you man

    • I don't look terrible, my "beard" (or I should just say, facial hair, because it isn't really a beard) does xD

  • I get called hill billy if i dont shave so i always shave plus it doesn't make me look older i still look 16 than 18


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