Why does he care so much about what happens in a year from now?

I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month now. I really like him and yeah we’re pretty much in a relationship with out a title…

Anyways last night, I slept over his house and we started talking about future goals. He is trying to join the police academy in a year (even though he can join it now) and I work for HOA and possibly in a year from now I may get transferred to New Jersey (4 hours away) and I thought he would be happy for me. But when I told him he questioned me about our relationship… He said then he would be wasting his time with me if I’m leaving in a year. I mean honestly I’ve only been talking to him for a month and obviously it’s not that serious. I mean I am looking for something serious, but our relationship couldn’t be that serious yet! And I told him that he was looking too far in the future between us. Who’s to say if will be even talking in 6 months? I told him that I would consider staying if things between us got serious with in a year. But then he question why I said “consider”... I don’t understand…

Why would he care or look the far into the future?


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  • Because he's realistic and he doesn't want to waste his time?

    I mean, no offense, but if you're saying there's a good chance you're gone in a year from now and he wants a committed relationship, he's going to be questioning what the point of dating you for a year is when you're just going to leave. Why not just end things now and spend a year dating someone else he has the potential to date longer/marry?

  • Well, of course on some terms he's "right"...

    But saying it out like this... Why not just have a nice time with you and see what happens. Nothing is set in stone what happens in a year from now... Even if you were to separate that much (as for distance), it doesn't mean the time was wasted. Either you'll get back together or you may quit on friendly terms and have a great friendship developed...

    Die he actually say "...blablabla then I'm wasting my time with you here right now...blablabl"?


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