Rate my picture girl and would you date me?

Can you girls rate this picture and would you date me? Thanks :)
I would like 4 more girls to give ma a honest answer so I know my average rating thanks
Ok thanks for your answer , on average i am a 7 thanks


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  • I'm not gay. You look all good man. Just be confident. Approach a girl in person and just talk to her if you lack confidence. No agenda of a date, just to talk. Once you feel confident talking to women then think about asking one out. Small steps. Slowly but surely


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  • How many times do you want a rating bro. Let go of the whole numbers or someone might start using fractions and decimals on you !!

    • You know that I have ask before? I think this is a good picture of me. I am very insecure about the way I look. I think I am very ugly!

    • Girls will always prefer an Ugly guy over a very insecure guy every single Time.
      #Ugly you are not !!

    • Thanks mate

  • Posting a rate me question tells women that you're not confident.


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