Growing long hair as a guy?

I am thinking about growing longer hair. Right now it's longer than it usually is but still just some cm over my ears. But I am thinking about letting it grow some cm from my shoulders and then maybe have it in a tassel on the back of my head, not so long that I will have a ponytail in the back but still long enough.

I guess that what I wear will have a part in how it will look. No baggy style, I use well fit jeans and more classy/neat kind of shirts.

Most girls I know say that they like a bit longer hair and some closer girl friends tells me not to cut it short.

What do you think, should I or shouldn't I try it out, is it worth trying it out? I can always cut it later if I am not satisfied with the look
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  • My hair was like 13 inches when I cut it, I ended up donating it all to Locks of Love for Cancer patients and it is now about a centimeter long. I may or may not decide to grow it out again. Long hair can let you create a whole new style and make people think differently of you. It takes time to maintain and keep properly.


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  • Depends on if you love having it long or suit it I guess. And some people's definition's of long are different. Some people say that hair that goes past your ear is long - in comparison to my view that it's anything between above the shoulder and beyond)
    I personally adore long hair if it looks good.

    (Forever in love with Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings)

    • Was thinking about getting down to my shoulders, maybe a bit shorter, so that I can put it up with a tassle :)

  • I don't prefer guys with long hair. I like hair that looks like it's been done and/or is being taken care of. Long hair kind of makes me feel like you need a haircut, but are too lazy/can't afford one.

    • You can care about your hair and keep it clean and neat even if it is long. But I think I have decided to grow it :)

    • I wish you the best of luck my friend!

  • I like long hair on guys!! It looks nice to me. You can try it! Just keep it nice and clean. You can always cut it if ya don't like it too :)

  • Yes yes yes and put your hair up in a bun it'll be marvelous

  • Dooo it!


  • I am growing my hair too man you only live once do it if you don't like it cut it it's simple

    • Exactly. Easy to cut as you said. And I like to have it long so I will do it!

    • good for tou man! do what you want to do with your life don't care what other people think

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