Boyfriend & I have different music/fashion taste?

We've made it 4 months & it's been pretty good.
I know it sounds stupid, but I feel uncomfortable sharing any music with him or even dressing up for him.
He grew up in the ghetto of Germany & he listens to a lot of old fashion rap & fast rap. He often wears a bit of badass gangster clothes I guess.
I grew up in a good community in Hawaii & I listen to a lot of alternative, indie, & rock. I wear a bit of vintage or chic clothing or "good girl" clothes.

I often worry because all his exes look ghetto too, & I think maybe my boyfriend thinks I dress weird.


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  • Since he's with you, he likes you! You don't have to change for anyone, just do what you like. The important thing is to share your interests with each other, to accept each other for what you are.


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