How will dark red/auburn hair dye fade on black hair?

I just dyed my hair dark red or auburn whatever color you call it with the garnier Olia dye in 6.6 intense red (in some other places it's called intense auburn) the hydrogen peroxide in the developer is around 20 volume or 6% if that helps. I haven't pre lightened (bleached) my hair before using the dye so it's like red dye on black hair. I'm told that red fades really fast so I was wondering what color it will be after like 2 months. Cos is my school doesn't allow dyed hair (stupid fancy private schools with dumb rules) I'm hoping it will just fade back to black so I don't have to dye it back but I think it might just fade to am orangey golden brownish shades I don't know I had virgin hair like 6 hours ago. So anyone knows how red dye usually fades?

(Oh and I'm Asian and we all know that all Asians have natural black hair so obviously I can't just go back and be like "oh yea my hair just turned red on its own hahaha must be in my wonderful genes")

Any help would be appreciated:)


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  • Red does fade fast I had to constantly keep up with mine starting from a blonde base :/ it'll probably fade into like a medium reddish brown if it comes down to it just dye your hair back to black when you're about to go back to school

  • I naturally have dark hair too and have tried that color before. Mine never really faded, and I had to dye it black again as the dark roots didn't look too good in contrast with the red; I think you should worry more about that.

    Red doesn't fade like that on dark hair. That orangey golden brown shade you referred to only happens when you've got light colored hair (blonde to light brown) to begin with and dyed it in a red shade. Since you didn't bleach your hair before dying it, then yours will probably just loose its vibrancy, but it will still retain the color. So you're really going to have to dye your hair back to its original color before you go back to school.


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