Pro unnatural color dyers: Would a pastel color look okay on me?

So I've really been thinking about dying my hair... again. I've done pink, brown, and auburn. Right now, my I have bits of green in it. I want to do something completely different. I'm thinking about doing a pastel color. But really unsure because of how light it is.


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  • Go for it ! I've done pink, blue, purple, red (like Ariana grande red) which color though? What about like platinum blonde & lavender highlights or something

    • Lol I have not done red yet. Some of my ends are blue (from being previously dyed). I don't know about blonde on me. However, I can't pick which pastel color I want to do : Mint, Rose, Lavender ( I'm kinda leaning more towards this one), or a pale blue :/

    • I think blonde would look great on you & would help the pastel pop ! Rose sounds really pretty I don't know about mint so much but post a pic when you've got it done :)

    • Lol I'm going to have to really wrap my mind around the blonde. I've never actually thought about it. I wasn't sure about the mint either. Especially since I've already done green. I will most definitely post a pic though!!!

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