Modern Girls - Elvis Presley Style Opinion?

Ladies of today, what do you think fo the Elvis Presley Style

Search YouTube Elvis Presley - Return To Sender [Video]
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  • You can dress that way, just make sure that when you do it's at night, or at a party. You might be able to wear what he was wearing during the day if it's A) winter/ late fall B) overcast and C) you have black, or dark brown hair.

    I don't know about trying the hair style. Some people can do it, others not so much.

    With the day time wear understand there is a ninety-eight percent chance you will look laughable, and a two percent chance of you looking fantastic.

    • I am growing my hair like Elvis as mine can do it but it is too short atm so when I do my pomp it runs out of length. So I have to settle for the moment with a reduced style but my face complexition general arrangment are like Elvis in many ways but of course not exactly like Elvis.

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  • Sorry, but only elvis presley can get away with looking ike that

    • Even the hair :) Would you mind giving your thoughts on my question "Guy in Love with Heartbroken Girl?"

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    • Yeah, a lot of guys try but their are many factors that have to be thought about for the style to work and a lot don't think, Face type, hair colour, Hair Length e, t, c Elvis spent a lot of time on his hair where as most

    • -Try to copy but like you say end up looking silly

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