Any other women do this?

Whenever you have on fishnets, a garter belt and a skirt plus some really sexy undies, do you ever lift your skirt and admire your booty in a mirror?


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  • As a man who wears fishnets, garter belts, and skirts, I take offense to this.

    Hell girl, I doubt you even do that cute little twirl in front of the mirror like I do.

    • Ha! Your comment was pretty funny, I gotta hand it to ya. :)

  • I do that without the apparel. these squats are payin off baby! :D


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  • I don't wear fishnets and a garter belt considering that I'm not tacky as fuck. And no, I don't admire my booty either, because I don't really have one. There's not much to admire.

    • That happened.

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    • @girlandhermusic yeah it's me, and thanks :P I'm not worrying about it at all, I'm simply very thin and that's just how my body is. Nothing wrong with it :)

    • u r right this time: nothings wrong with u at all :)

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