Do guys like a more "emo" style or girly style?

Do guys prefer girls who:

a) wear lots of t shirts. like band t shirts and jeans and usually converses.or funky tennis shoes with funny patterns.


b) girls who wear shirts like from hollister or abercrombie, like polos, or v neck/scoop neck shirts with camisoles under them, and wear sandals or flip flops.

i noticed these are pretty much the two styles for a lot of people and I'm just wondering which guys prefer


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  • Apologies in advance, because this is going to sound insulting. I really don't mean it that way, but I can't think of a nice way to say this.

    Seriously, are these the only two options? Hot Topic or LL Bean? I check "none of the above." The outfits you're describing sound like they came pre-assembled at a suburban strip mall. I guess I prefer girls with a sense of style that's more original and less high-school oriented.

    If I absolutely must pick between these two, I guess I'd go with a). At least I can take her to punk rock shows with me. \m/

    • These are high school oriented.i mean there are a ton of in betweens but I picked the two most common extremes

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  • girly preppy look. though emo girls are cute too.

  • sometimes depends on the girl


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