What is makeup artistry?

Could someone explain what it is, do you learn about makeup techniques?


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  • Its where you are a skilled professional in makeup art - i. e. you can do different type of looks on people using makeup -common types being - heavy makeup or light makeup

    • Okay thanks! So if i was to study this, i learn about application of makeup? Want to make sure I am applying for the right course haha

    • Yes but you learn various other things too I think

  • I'm a makeup artist. And in makeup artistry schools you lean techniques for different looks and how to enhance certain features in certain lighting and cameras. How to cover imperfections and flaws to give you a flawless finish it's basically all the what who what when and whys of beauty

    • Yay! Thanks this is what i want to study! I hope one day to be a Pro makeup artist and hopefully a good one :) Like you probably :)

    • Go for it, trust me it's always good to have paper trail qualifications in beauty because you can go onto teach in the future and to begin with you need to work in makeup retail until you get free lance work so paper qualifications are always a bonus. Makeup sure you photograph any make up you do on clients even friends so you can start an armature portfolio and when you start makeup school your tutor/mentor will help you really out it together

    • Okay thanks! I have actually taken a lot of photos already of makeup which i have done, normal makeup and Halloween type makeup! I hope one day i can achieve me dream and its not to hard :)

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