What to wear to school?

Ok I know this is minor, but in my school we have uniforms, so I get excited (and sorta freak out) when we have a dress down day. In my school, no "inappropriate" clothing is allowed; no skinny (tight) jeans, no low-cut shirts, etc... I have jeggings, and technically they aren't skinny jeans. Sure usually jeggings are tight, but mine are a little loose. I wore jeggings last year (other girls wore tighter jeans), but this is a new year. If this doesn't work with the dress code, then I have to call my parents and have them bring appropriate clothing. If what I wear isn't so bad, I just get a warning. Plus, I literally only have jeggings; I stopped buying jeans (I don't want to wear a skirt, the uniform is a skirt). Is it worth the risk?
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I was thinking of wearing capris, but in my town it's going to be a high of 50 degrees. Anyway, the people from the grade above me went to visit a high school and they had a dress down. Many people were wearing jeggings/jeans. If it's not too cold tomorrow, then I'll wear capris, but if it's cold, I'll wear jeggings. Thanks for all the answers!


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  • Just wear the jeggings! (: And combat boots or riding boots with a cute top and a cardigan, or a sweater and a scarf, or a cute top and a scarf with a cardigan, or just a cute sweater.


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  • school uniforms are stupid i thought they were abolished years ago

    • ikr! but I to a private-catholic school. perfect mix right. :/

  • well when u put private and catholic school together you end up with a bunch of horny old guys and stuck up old women at least thats what i know. but do whatever you feel like that will make you feel happy.


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