Makeup question about contouring?

so i have an oval face shape its slightly long and i was just wondering because I've seen a lot of contouring pictures on pintrest and some said to highlight the chin and some said to contour the chin does anyone know which one would look best on my face shape?
and do you have any overall contouring tips?


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  • You have tons of videos on YouTube on how to contour your face, they're really helpful. Just look up for it. Also.. A tip from me, don't use colors that are too dark for your skin to contour with. You will get visible lines which is basically a no go. And always blend well! Good luck.

  • With a oval face shape you shouldn't contour (you have the perfect shape!) if you want to then just lightly contour with a powder a couple shades darker then your skin around your jawline and forehead. I recommend Nyx blush in Taupe.


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