Does that mean she doesn't like me or what?

okay so today I talked to the shyest person in the whole world.

today were just standing there when I just told her I liked her shoes and that's funny because we both were the same shoes and she was like oh OK and then left and that got me so confused

does that mean she doesn't like me or what?

its because she's so shy idk

and I'll give you and update everyday so that y'all can help me thanks for ur responses


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  • I think she didn't know you were trying to hit on her..and maybe she walked away because she didn't know what to say...

    Here's what I would do...tell her she looks pretty, you like her shirt/ or something that she's wearing...BUT NOT SHOES. then right after she says thank you...

    You could say hey I really want to go see ________ movie and I would really like for you to come with treat of course!

    If she's as shy as your saying..I think you are going to have to JUST ASK...and you may have to deal with her not saying much or walking away until she gets comfortable around you...or you two start sharing some stuff to talk about.

    Another good one is..if you know she is good at something...ask her for help...nothing wrong with pretending you don't know how to do get some alone time with her...just to break the ice


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  • she was probably just taken off guard and didn't know how to respond. if she's that shy, its hard for her to carry on casual conversations. most girls would have said something more...just keep talking to her and she'll become more comfortable. don't take what happened too personally:)


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  • I'd say her shyness is more like social awkwardness.

    The compliment either made her completely nervous, or she didn't understand that you meant more by it.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  • Don't take it to heart. She could have been having a bad day, didn't know what you meant by what you said, or it could be anything at all.