Guys- what makes you very attracted to a girl?

Just asking.


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  • personality is really the biggest thing for me. I love a cute, sweet personality. Also if a girl has a sense of style its an immediate capture, like a frilly skirt or knee high stockings or a cute top, its just a sense, not a certain brand wear or anything like that. basically jeans+t-shirt=boring.

  • Personality is great, being cute, smart, funny and allthat. Cleavage is amazing for a guy too big boobs are a turn off for guys though. If your not too pretty you can still be really flirtatious and eaisly get guys break the touch barrier if you want to get with a guy. Hair I think is also really grait medium length (atleast shoulder height) but not too long like upto the waist... keep clean and straightened unless curly looks good on you. making the white part of ur eye look really white (involves using mascara and eye liner) is also good. too much makeup = bad.


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