Sew in hair extensions?

Anyone have any experience with them? I know nothing about them really but my hair is pretty thin so they seem like a good idea. Does it hurt to get them sewn in? Does it take long? Can I still wash and straighten/curl my hair as normal? How long do they last? Thanks!


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  • Hi! It doesn't hurt unless the person braiding your hair makes the braids reaaally tight. Usually for me it takes 20 minutes for the braiding and like an hour for the sewing. And by washing/curling your hair, if you mean your real hair yeah you can wash it but you can't curl it since it's braided, unless you mean your leave out hair. And usually I keep mine for like a month/month and a half cause I'll miss my real hair but you can do 3-6 months even though most people do 3 months. Good luck!


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