Girls, I'm really bad with casual winter style. What should I wear?

Alright, I try my best to have style, I'm great with formal, business, and fall/ spring, but I'm a bit lack luster with summer and winter. Generally what I do is wear tie, dress shirt, suit, and an overcoat in the winter. The problem is my girlfriend feels underdressed and a little awkward when I dress this way, especially bevause she only wears a t shirt and jeans. She normally just ignores it, but I want to try to learn how to dress casual, yet nice in order to make her feel better. NOTE: I'm not changing my style so much as I am tweaking it. I just want to incorporate some more casual options.

So what should I wear in the winter that is casual, yet has style?

Also I live in the North East U. S. so it has to be warm.


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  • cute sweaters.


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