Immediate attraction but didn't give him my number.....yet! Did I blow my chance?

I went to the gym to workout as usual and I noticed that this really good looking guy kept glancing over at me. He walked passed me and we both gave each other a friendly smile. I was busy working on my stuff and I looked over and he was looking at me. That is when I really flashed a huge flirty-ish smile, I couldn't help it; he did the same. So I was over at a machine doing my own thing and he approaches me. We introduce ourselves, talk and joke around a little. There was an immediate attraction there! I had a feeling he would ask for my number so instead of telling him I was leaving and giving him the opportunity I tried sneaking out of the gym. I was almost out the door when he saw me, I then gave him the "I want to f*ck you" eyes and waved goodbye. I did this on purpose because I am trying to do things differently as far as approaching etc. He goes to the gym quite a bit but this ws the first time I ever saw him. So that means there is a good chance we could bump into each other again. I just hope I didn't give the impression that I wasn't interested. I guess my question is...If he is really interested do you think I blew my chance by not giving him opportunity to get my number? Maybe next time? *Assuming that he was going to get it from me*

Also he knows my name, age and the HS school I went to so he could contact me via Facebook if we don't run into each other.


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  • I have to say that I don't think you blew your chance.


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