Will a guy date a Fashion Failure?

I'm going to start off saying that I'm surrounded by well dressed people. Everyone I come in contact with is dressed like they jumped out of a fashion magazine!

Then there's me.

I dress like a freak.

I only own a single bra, 4 pants, and 6 shirts (underwear not included). I am blessed and thankful for what I have, but, I don't see why I can't own girl shirts. 60% of my clothes are hamy-downs from my brother.

I'm a girl.

Girl's shouldn't wear guy clothes unless it's their boyfriend/husbands, right? Isn't that how that goes? Lol, I don't know.

Point is, I'm not really attractive in my "hobo clothes", and I'm worried that I'll turn into a loner cat lady that dresses awfully and won't ever get married.

So Guys, would you date a Fashion Failure?


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  • I presume that your family has not decided to buy you new clothes, and that you do not have an income of your own. You need to have a talk with your parents about getting some clothes that are for girls. They may not be the latest and greatest, but they should look feminine. Point out to your parents that people look at you strangely. It would help if you could talk to a female friend who could give you an "outsider's" opinion. If she concurs that others see you as strange, you can tell your parents that you have been told that people are thinking strangely because of your "choice" of clothes.

    And you need at least one more bra - to wear while the current one is in the wash.

    If there is a problem with money in your household, you can find discount clothes sources, even as inexpensive as Goodwill, that will not be the greatest, but they will be feminine.

    Guys will find the beauty beneath if given a chance, but they need to be attracted long enough to get to know you better. And even if they really crush on you, they will be wary of taking you places in inappropriate clothes. You do need some feminine clothes.


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  • This is going to sound shallow in entirety, but bear with me. I'm a college student and I will tell you something -- I don't even know what my friends wear from one day to another unless it's something that really stands out. I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you more than three articles of clothing that one of my friend's wears.

    As long as you are wearing regular, average clothes, then I'm not going to notice one way or the other what you're wearing and make a jugement in my head about you.

    BUT I am not the general audience or average person.

    Most people DO judge one another based on what they wear, and in my opinion it is very shallow! (Ok, I do it a little too, but only if you're wearing something that is noticeably bad.)

    So while I do care about fashion, I don't judge others very much on it, but for me, my girlfriend has to be good fashionably.

    You'll come across guys who don't give a rats ass about fashion. There's more guys out there that don't care about fashion than do, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they would be willing to date you. Some would, but most wouldn't probably. I'm being honest here.

    It's different if a girl is bad at fashion than if a guy is bad at fashion. Women are supposed to be know how to dress themselves (based on how society is set up), so this is something you should come to expect.

    Dress comfortably, yes, but make sure you also dress respectably too. And yes, wearing guys clothes is a turn off for most men.

    It's not a big deal though. It's a really simple fix. Just tell your parents you want new clothes and go shopping!

  • Well technically it helps if you have clothing that actually makes you look appealing in general or at least suits your style. You don't have to be a fashion model, nor do you have to wear fashion-glamour clothing. But there is a certain threshold. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in your own clothes.

  • if i date a girl it is for her not for her hair or face or body or fashion taste i really don't care all i need is love someone that i'd take care of and nothing more


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  • You know even in fashion, there are preferences.. what some people see hot, others may see a total failure. When you have a charming personality and a good presence.. then you can cast your spell on people. Have you noticed that the starring female characters in movies, often, are clothed spontaneously just to make them natural. Maybe if you look for some tips that help you with your current style, then it may help.. Sometimes, it's just the way you use your clothes..

  • if you do not want to be a loner cat lady with no man, then you have the power to change that. your prob not attracting any guys now bc they see you and think "this is a girl who isn't interested in mens attention" aka you probably look like a lesbian, wearing mens clothes and all.

    you should dress more pretty and femininely. not only will it help u attract guys but you'll feel more confident and not like a "fashion failure" or any type of failure. I always feel good when Im wearing a great outfit. my apt complex could burn down but if I look good that day then it wasn't truly a bad day after all :) jk


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