Girls/Guys do think the pants in this pic is too tight, or just right?

This was at Universal Studios, not sure if you can tell but the thigh part is actually pretty tight. I have big legs so I try and wear more form fitting jeans to balance out with my upper body. If I wear baggy pants I end up looking like a clown so what do you think, are these pants acceptable or would you recommend something else.

I'm asking because had a huge debate about it at school with my friends so looking for more opinions from random non biased awesome people (you guys).
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  • just right
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  • go baggier
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  • Those are baggy Af actually lol

    • Honestly I'm surprised at the answers, I seriously think those are not just loose, but really baggy. They must think i wear yoga pants if they see my jeans lol

    • Yeah I'm surprised as well, that's why I wanted to ask and I'm glad I did because I had no idea.

  • A tad tight


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