Help a crossdresser out?

looking to buy some panties and a bra or two. just looking for your personal suggestions/opinions about where to shop and what to buy.


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  • Just go online. You'll find better deals and won't have to worry about some small minded asshole/bitch making a scene.

    • i do a lot of online stuff, but i want the experience of going in

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    • thongs are definitely cute, but still being a guy, i'm not sure how well ill fit

    • Like I said that's just my preference. I know I lot of people who like boy shorts or cheekies style

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  • I understand that you like to buy panties. But why would you buy bras as you have no boobs?


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  • What is your budget?

    • don't want to go crazy, but i have a bit set aside for it

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    • well yeah thats an option, i was really asking about any other good stores or specialty store that aren't VS

    • Small boutiques are nice and often have eclectic designs. They are almost always local though so I couldn't name them off, obviously.

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