Girls who trim their own hair?

I have trimmed before, but only minimal amounts, just sort of dusting the ends.
I need to trim off an inch, or maybe two now (I'm not going to let somebody else do it. Too many bad experiences so I just try to do it myself now) not worried if I make small mistakes either as I have done before and it grew out remarkably fast!

So please, before I do this, if you've got any tips for me, or your favorite or easiest method to share, I'd be very grateful.
I should add, I have very curly hair to.
3c-4a if you know them.


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  • I don't know what your hair is like. It's a bit of a different process to trim curly hair vs. straight hair. With my afro it doesn't really matter how I cut it as long as I cut less than an inch. I don't let people touch my hair as well, they mess it up :/ Maybe YouTube might help you :> Video description is always helpful!

    • Anybody you'd recommend in particular? I can find so many natural hair videos, but whenever I search for trims I see straight hair or barely curly hair lol

    • I can't really suggest one, but would these videos help you?

    • Thank you for mho, I hope your hair trimming experience goes well!

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  • just get a clip size and buzz it off right? sorry but its been 6 min and no one else has commented bahahaa

    • lol sometimes I really feel tempted, trust me. You men are so lucky.

    • well im trying to think here, you want to "trim" only, not shave right? but you want to also leave a certain length correct? so then clip size and buzzing is the best possible option?

    • Lol, I was going to shave my head into a frohawk, dye it blue lime green, then shave it all off for boot camp this spring :> it's too tempting not to shave it all off :p

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  • I learned how to trim my hair from a girl on YouTube and I did it for the first time 2 months ago. It came out pretty neat and blunt, so pretty even too. Her name is NaturallyQuinn, you could search her channel.

  • Make sure you neatly put things in sections before you start. Trying to just go in there will make it x100 harder


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