Do u find turkish women fashion styles elegant?

I am fascinated by turkish women
Mostly the 1 with the hijab on
They got a turkish scarf to put on, the shiny silk maybe
And their fashion taste is so on point and elegant
They change my point of view on how muslim women should dress
They are so fashionable and pretty!!!


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  • You know, I was literally just answering a question where I said how annoying it was how 40% of the questions on this site involve some degree of asking what people think about the Turkish. So no, I won't answer this question.

    • U dont have to write anything if u hate. This is a site to ask q. If u hate it. Ignore. Duh.

    • That's kind of why I said I wouldn't answer it...

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  • Yup, and I've seen Somalian and Ethiopian girls like that to. Omg you should see some Ethiopian girls they're sooo pretty. I like how some tie their hijab all different styles and stuff and I've even seen some that were tied up into a thing that looked like a big flower on the side.


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  • Yeah

  • 2|1
    • :) :) :) Yes they are :) :)

    • lol :) im part Indian through my mothers side. her family is from Trinidad and Tobago, they had migrated from India as indentured servants for the British when Trinidad and Tobago wasn't a free country. im part German, Italian, Irish, and native American from my dads side :)

  • Again a question about turkish people. Are you turkish btw?

    • Nope. I travelled there last month. They are so pretty. Are there too many q bout turkish in this site?

    • Oh, well, it must be cool to travel :)
      Quite a lot, in fact. All about what people think about turkish. I can't understand this, turkish are a lot, they can't be all the same, so we can't generalize if we only know a few turkish people.

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