Wearing revealing clothing makes me feel better about myself because I'm insecure.

How can I feel more confident? I like the attention I get when I wear revealing clothing. I know its really bad, and its not the good kind of attention but it makes me feel better about myself. I am really insecure and when guys check me out I feel pretty. any pointers on how to feel good by not dressing slutty?


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  • First, don't feel horrible,... just about every person (no, actually every person) in the world is insecure (about some things, or a lot of things). Some are just better at hiding it.

    Some of this you will probably grow out of, some not.

    Obviously this bothers you about yourself (the way you dress), so the best advice is, fake it till you make it. Fake being confident in 'regular' cloths until you feel more confident. Pay attention to the looks you still get when you aren't showing off your body.

    If that doesn't help, and this still really bothers you, then try talking to someone, even maybe a professional that might help give you insite as to why you feel / act this way. Afterall, even though you will never get over every single insecurity you have, you do want to be confident enough to take on each day.

    Best wishes.


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  • show em that you're not the "easy type" by dressing cute, not slutty... flirt a bit, but don't act like you're easy to get.

    btw, I should meet you, lol

  • Know that you're good enough to not resort to dressing like a slut. Get guys' attention by talking to them or flirting, not by exposing your body. It's only an instinctual reaction when they look at you, not emotional or even affectionate.


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  • Yes I have been there when I was in my late teens. Anyways, its about realisation. First you have to know that guys are ofcourse important to us, but our lives should not be dependent just on this single factor.

    Also, just give it a try for a few days. Buy some pretty clothes. Get a new haircut.. spa.. anything pampering. And wear clothes that are hot yet nice. its not necessary to dress up drab.. maintain you current style.. tone it down a bit.

    You will love it much better when you get the right attention rather than a lot of wrong attention.

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