Makeup and shit and how it works?

does mac and urban decay and too faced eyeshadow
work any better than cheap drug store makeup?


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  • They're more highly pigmented so you use less.

    Personally, I want a high quality eyeliner with minimal chemicals by, say, Tarte or Pacifica because it's by my eyes. Same with lip gloss. I want a high quality foundation, too. I use cheap shadows or blushes so that I can experiment and have fun.

    • yeh tarte I personally have and like
      I find that more expensive brand makeup looks less cheesy than drug store makeup

    • That's true, but if you want to go nuts with some crazy color, like red eye shadow, it's fun to buy a cheapie and then toss. My classics, though, I want good quality. You can't go wrong with NARS in Orgasm for blush, but it doesn't hurt to try a drugstore blush if you want to mess around until you find the right shade, then invest in a higher quality.

  • i think l'oreal is pretty decent for the price.
    personally... i think mac is TERRIBLE for your skin. i bought their studio tech/fix I don't know, used it once, and was like... hell nah lol. it feels way too heavy :x like an actual mask is on your face. if you want really good, light airy make up... try bare minerals. it actually poses benefits for your skin apparently.

    two faced eyeshadow, primer... they're good. sephora brand eyeshadow is good too.


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