Is young looking 27 bad??

so I'm 27 Asian,my boyfriend is over 30s we get along really good..but every time we go out to bar I always get carded..I'm skinny and literally when you look at me I look time we went to bar and tender who's 24 asked me for ID and when he looked at the ID he can't believe I was 27 he said because I look was a drag..i don't want my boyfriend feeling bad..I'm skinny,5'3 really small boobs too but just right for my frame,i wear size 0 for the idea how thin I am..i don't know why I feel so bad about that comments,my boyfriend was upset and ended up fighting with the bar tender.

question it a drag to have a kid looking girlfriend or does guys really like a woman woman looking girl?i dress to the present I myself thought I'm fine but I don't know why other people think I'm younger than my age..even to casinos I have to wear bracelet its getting to my nerve actually and people of 18s and 20s hit on me..i think my boyfriend will just dump me eventually because I think looking so young like that is a bad thing..i think my boyfriend likes women looking girl..or I'm afraid he thinks he is way old for me..I'm 27 I'm not young for him but I look way young..i don't know what to do how to look older I guess *shrug*

yeah the guys they just smile..they say don't mind them they're just jealous that you look young and they don't..


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  • I know this seems really difficult right now, but there is a plus side to this in the long run.

    I definitely did not look my age when I was in my 20's. I never worried about it, I did not feel like I looked 14 but if I dressed certain ways I could have been mistaken for that until I started talking. There was no way anyone would mistake me for a teenager if they talked to me, lol. There were some times where something happened that would bother me, such as being concerned in my career that I would not be taken seriously. In the end, I just persevered and took care to dress in a way that made me look more mature (even though someone told me I looked like a girl playing dressup in a suit and I was 30 then).

    So, the plus to all of this. I still get mistaken for looking a lot younger than I do. And being older now, I love it.

    As far as getting a breast augmentation, there are other ways of adding curves to your body and dressing in a way that can give you a different look without resorting to surgery. I am not against surgery but it is expensive, it is serious and it doesn't always resolve issues the way I think some people expect. If you were my friend, I would take you shopping and experiment having you try on different things as well as use pushup bras to see how you can rock what you have. Hang in there!

    • Thank you very much maam...yes you look way younger god now I have light thankl you very much..

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  • Looking young for your age is NEVER a bad thing, trust me.

  • I was carded when I was 25 because I still looked 17. It's a blessing not curse.

  • no its not a drag having a kid looking girlfriend at all

    • Its really making me paranoid..cuz I don't want my boyfriend thinking he is having sex to a 14 year old..he doesn't like it because when we were watching news one time there was this 14 year old girl kidnanped,and he said how could that guys have sex to a 14 year afraid he'd just dump me for that.. god I don't know what to do I should get emplants

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    • At first it was fine I thought it was flaterring but lately its really getting on my never because my friends tease my boyfriend about knocking up a 12 year old because I was thinking on getting braces too opw I'm just in rut..ill get me pair of boobs..thats what I'm doing I'm not pregannt yet but we are planing on

    • His friends suck

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