Most attractive features on a woman?

Personality, Appearance, everything really


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  • First thing I notice is the whole face. Then the eyes, lips, skin tone (Healthy? Too much makeup?) And facial fitness (sunken, puffy).

    Next I check the body as a whole. I don't like fatties, but I like em slightly thick with the right curves in the right places. Does she look good in a bikini? Does she have that ultra sexy hour glass figure? Does she have some meaty thighs that I can grab hold of? Does she have a healthy, glowing tan?

    Next, I look for that bubble butt I can bounce quarters off of. Firm and round. Lean and mean. Looks good in jeans or anything else she wears.

    Obviously, I look for tits the bigger the better.

    She's gotta be very short. I like em 5'2" or shorter. And BLONDE!!! Oh, how I do love blondes...

    Blue eyes that twinkle. Blue eyes that light up with her smile and/or laugh. Soft, thick, juicy lips. Naturally red of course.

    Toned body but not muscular. It's a fine line. I don't like girls with abs. I like a flat stomach with that vertical split down the middle or a slight muffin top.

    She has to actually wear her clothes well. Chicks always pick clothes that fit or look "cute" or make them look good by hiding flaws.
    I like the girls who look great in everything they wear and she makes the clothes look good rather than the clothes making her look good.

    Above all else, a beautiful personality wins over good looks 8 days a week. If she's ugly on the inside, that shit will trump the sexiness on the outside. By far.


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  • sense of humour for me. I've got a big sense of humour and i usually fall for the girls with just about the same amount. can't be taking life so seriously, its good to laugh. Personality is big too, they can't be shallow since im full of so much. Im a bit on the chubby side and funny enough i prefer girls that are abit chubby. I like my girls with some meat on them for gods sake ;)

  • First impressions are always looks and I always check out a woman's ass

  • Everything overall I want to like her as a person not just a part of her


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