Guys: do you prefer a girl with no makeup or do you like a girl being all dressed up?

Would you rather your girl be all dressed up looking put together and made up or do guys prefer the no makeup sleepy look? (still put together just clean and fresh and comfortable)
  • Minimal to no makeup fresh comfortable look, natural
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  • Made up and dress up with make up and hair done, looking like they are ready for a photoshoot
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  • Generally I prefer minimal makeup, a natural look. Too much makeup makes girls look like a cake, which is obnoxious. I hate it when I see girls stroll around, pretending to be a supermodel - when she's clearly not. It's just ridiculous, and often just hilarious. I just can't stand that 'photoshoot' look, it's obnoxious on streets. Don't pretend to be something you're not; and makeup does exactly that.


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  • A little bit of makeup to brighten the look but clothes depend on the occasion. In general, everyday life don't get all dressed up because it might be kinda uncomfortable for you to be in all that. But don't put on some old messed up clothes either.

  • all natural. no clothes

  • I would say minimal makeup. The key to good makeup in my opinion is that it look natural. Being done up for a photo shoot does not look natural. Minimal makeup would still look a lot better than no makeup, unless done poorly.


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