If you have curly hair, what kind do you have?

My hair is super curly, especially when I wash it. I get them small, tight curls.
  • Tight, small curls
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  • Loose, big curls
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  • Loopy curls
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  • Other/ don't know
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  • My hair becomes a little curlier when i wake up, although after washing them they become str8


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  • wavy. like after i take a shower and let it air-dry, i get waves all throughout my hair. but brushing it makes it more... straight-wavy. if i fall asleep with my hair wet... omg. i wake up with big, full curls. kinda hilarious. i lose so much length when it curls up.

    • For me, my hair is thicker and fuller when it's curlier. When I straighten it (I rarely do), it's still thick but not as much.

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    • sounds lovely :)

    • Thank you :)

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  • Naturally my hair used to be very curly, not nappy curly, but they were somewhat tight curls.. but I always straighten my hair and I've dyed it so many colors that the curls have lost their curl.. If I don't straighten it, they are mostly loose curls, and only random ones are loopy curls.. I honestly do miss my curls although I prefer straight hair.. It's weird.

    • For some people, straight hair is easier to style :)

    • It is!! when I straighten it at night and then wake up, It's like if I don't even comb it nobody notices, I look decent to go out just like that.. but when I have my curlies, in the morning it's like WOAH!! did a tornado pass by your room or something? D:

  • Like these curls, but I always kill them by straightening xD

    • Those are beautiful!! You should keep it like that :)

    • Thank you. :)
      Most of the time, it gets messy and tangled.. so I take the easier-to-deal-with option: straight.

    • You're welcome, and that's understandable :)

  • Tight small curls, that like to morph into a mass of knotted snakes, until they slowly devour my head.

  • My curls are a mixture between small tight curls and loose big curls :)

  • I chose B (like shown in my picture). But sometimes i have little curls at the ends.:)

  • I've got tighter curls :)


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