Is it weird that I love to choose my husbands haircuts?

I love the hipster haircuts.. shaved on the side, with the top slightly up.. like a greaser style. Anyways, people find it funny that I choose my husbands hairstyles because I like him looking a certain way, and he suits those hairstyles anyways. Do you guys think I am too controlling?
Its just that I know what looks good on him.


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  • No, I think a lot of women naturally do this. I have my sister and mom always making subtle comments about how I should or shouldn't look. Not weird or controlling. Just don't start telling him what he must and mustn't do with his hair... then I'd consider you controlling.

    Besides, you're his wife, so he wants to look most attractive in your eyes. Whatever you think looks best on him should be what he goes with.


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  • Oh boy. You sound like a friend of mine. She dresses her husband and tells him how to look and cut his hair. You could say he's completely pussy whipped.

    • I don't dress him haha.. I wish. But he usually asks me for help if he is unsure.
      I also know someone like that too.. my bro in law.. he has a massive thumb mark on his head from being so whipped.

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  • I think choosing his haircuts is great as long as you're on the same page. But since it'd be my hair, I think I'd have the final veto'ing power and executive decision.

    • yeah ofc, he likes them,. well some of which I choose he likes. But mainly we agree on most ones.. but even then, I feel like sometimes it makes me look too controlling lol

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    • Makes a lot of sense.. thanks :))

    • Thanks for the MH.

  • I love woman whose in control hahahaha no it's not weird
    if he doesn't mind i wouldn't worry about it :P

  • weird thing #1 : you\re married in such a young age

    weird thing #2 : haircut is sth personal nobody has the right to choose for someone else

    • So what If I'm married so young? I have my life and career.. doesn't make me young at all, maybe to others but the way I think isn't. .. and trust me, men tell women what to do or not to wear something because they don't like it so what's wrong with a women suggesting a haircut? Nothing.

    • persoanally i'd not allow any girl to tell me how will i do my hair. i'm not a fool i know what it suits me :-P

  • Nothing wrong with it if he agrees to it, plus it makes you happy:)

    • I know he most definitely does agree and sometimes he doesn't.. :)

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